The Three Spheres


Most of the religion will not change, just expanded upon. It will more hazardous to worship Evil Gods than previous Maia, though still accepted in larger urban areas.

In Maia all things are divided into Good (white), Chaos (Red), and Evil (black). Clerics are given special robes depicting their god’s sphere and reflecting their own alignment (the colour will change if the character’s alignment changes). The colours come from the individual colour of the moon that represents the Ancient God that now sleeps there. Each moon is like a gateway to a dimension that holds an afterlife, and each afterlife is adjusted to reflect the aura of the God. There are gateways to enter these worlds, but their locations are speculated at best. There are three gods in each sphere and one guardian, then there are many lesser gods under them…but these lesser gods are treated more like demi gods or epic heroes, and don’t have a following to themselves. Sometimes, with in churches to gods of their own sphere or in individual homes, a shrine will be dedicated to the lesser gods…but this is rare. The guardians also do not have followings or churches dedicated to them, as they have no influence of anything other than the gateways.

Good Sphere

Ciara: Goddess of Healing (CG, Glory, Good, Healing, Nobility, Water, Air)
Sabrina: Goddess of Beauty, Wisdom (NG, Charm, Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune)
Ander: God of Protection, Sun (LG, Animal, Community, Earth, Fire, Good, Plant, Protection, Sun, Weather)
Reku: Guardian Spirit of light and good

Chaos Sphere

Briac: God of War (CN, Artifice, Chaos, Death, Destruction, Fire, Glory, Strength, War)
Akar’Shan: God of Love, Obsession (CN, Chaos, Community, Magic)
Macha: Goddess of lust, thievery (CN, Chaos, Charm, Liberation, Luck, Travel, Trickery)
Aasia: Guardian Spirit of chaos

Evil Sphere

Kokuu: Goddess of Death, Pestilence, Suffering (NE, Darkness, Death, Evil, Repose)
Aatain: God of Bondage, Power, Contracts, Lies (LE, Darkness, Evil, Glory, Law, Magic, Nobility)
Qamar: God of Insanity, Secrets, Murder (CE, Artifice, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Rune, Trickery, Void)
Morgo: Guardian Spirit of darkness and evil

These are the major domains, I did not want to spend the time listing every domain out there…if you have any questions about your character having either additional or conflicting domains, just feel free to ask and we can come up with something that fits.


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