Maia a Brief History

In The Beginning

Around elementary school I had a character named Jake Caitheye who was from the planet Kador, making her a Kadorgrean. She was a cat girl space pilot who was one of the worst characters I’ve ever made…if you don’t count the weird strawberry headed girl I made about two years earlier to this…but I was like ten, so yeah. After that I got more into fantasy and started to make my rainbow fairy unicorn land that I had named after of one the sisters of Gaia…because it was supposed to be some sort of mirror earth…or something. Over the years it was changed into a Dragon Lance world…and then back into my own creation, then converted into anime, then back out of it, and so on….until I decided to use it for Dungeons and Dragons. That’s when all hell broke loose, my ability to not be able to say “no” to anyone kind of ruined a lot of things about Maia…but they’ve been fixed now. So after a lengthy campaign and an even longer hiatus for this world I have revamped Maia once more so that a new Epic may be played upon it’s soil. So I give you the working player’s knowledge of Maia, everything a PC should already know about the world they live on.


So much will change with the history except the following: All Gods will remain the same. The Tears and their relationship to the Moons and the alignments will remain the same. The order of the creatures created will remain the same except Humans are now Chaos’ chosen creatures and Dragons will be the first ever sentient beings. Over all Maia will have a much more peaceful beginning, but none of this is to really be taken as hard facts about the world until I have officially updated this entire page.

A long, long time ago…

When the Three Ancient Gods warred in the heavens, the creatures of Maia were warring on the planet. The very first races were the Kadorgreans who were born from good, the Dragons who were born from Chaos, and the Whyvills who were born from evil. As The good and evil races battled for the glory of the good and evil gods they represented the chaos god and the dragons went about creating. First were the animals and monsters….each created by one of the first dragons. Then the sentient beings came to be …first the Elves, then the Dwarves, the Humans were next, then came the Halflings, and the Gnomes…after many years other beings came to be such as the Orcs and Gnolls…and uncounted sentient monsters…around this time the God of Good and the God of Evil took time from their own battle to pay any attention to what was going on in their world. Instantly another war started…this time one that included all of the races.

The war was long and bloody, leading to the racial tension and outward hatred encountered still today. Over the last few years of the terrible war there were few battles, but these few would last weeks and thousands of lives would be lost. Seeing all this carnage the Three Ancient Gods decided to sleep, each shedding a single tear for their creations. During this the Ancient ones also selected new gods who were not as powerful, but could still rule the respective spheres in the Ancient one’s place. The sleeping gods turned into the three moons and the tears are now objects of legendary power. The tears have disappeared over the decllenium since the Race Wars and have become little more than myth (it’s up to your own character if they believe in them or not).

The Current Age

In this day and age it is very very rare to see a non human that is not either a halfling or dwarven, but still possible. Unless of course it is an elf, due to many rumors of them being flying demonic baby eaters. The good news is that not many folk know what an elf even really looks like, the bad news is that once they find out you are one …or if you even have befriended one…the locals will turn on you. Maia is in a state of uneasy peace and has not yet fully recovered from the latest war against the dragons. Though the Dragoons were successful in driving the beasts back to their own lands, the effects of war against such ferocious giants has taken it’s toll on the land.

In the exact opposite of the views on different races, religion is something of a moot point in Maia. No matter who you worship, with one exception, you will not be outcast. This is from the belief that Maia has embraced that even if you are light that does not make you good, and if you are dark that does not make you evil. They understand that chaos can lean to either side, and usually citizens will judge a person by their actions…and not their beliefs. This is unless you worship Aatain (who is the LE god of bondage, power, contracts, lies…sort of the Devil of Maia)…his followers are, at the very least, run out of town if discovered. Other than that Maia is the pinnacle of religious tolerance. For more info on this see Religion.

All of the main continent is in a feudal system, with each kingdom having it’s own districts that are ruled by either appointed Knights, Dukes, Chancellors, and even sometimes Elected Officials. Your characters probably won’t have to deal with anything outside of the main area, unless for some reason you feel like exploring into the unknown. More info about this can be found in Geography .

Maia a Brief History

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