The Lay of The Land

The planet your characters live on is called Maia, that is the whole world, but they only live on one piece of it. The area is also called Maia, because at the time your characters are living knowledge of other continents is limited so there is no need to name them. The area you will be exploring (baring unforeseen circumstances) will be in the North Western hemisphere (write what you know). The main difference with Maia is that the sun rises in the North and sets in the South (don’t ask, I’ve forgotten the reason…but it’s always been like that). I will list each city that you are likely to encounter, and then a very brief explanation. If further detail is needed it will just be easier to ask me instead of me writing out every little thing.


The list of cities below will be in the order that you have visited and/or heard of them. UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I will re do the order of this list eventually, but I will continue to update the areas after THE BARRENS in the order the new campaign is going in.

Ision – This area is also referred to as the City of Whispers, since it is home to the temple of Qamar. The buildings are all made out of either black or white wood and tend to be either one or two stories. The town itself is nestled in the valley between the Ision Mountains and the Iron Maiden Mountains, and is the gateway into the Fields of Dead. The town is shaped like a crescent moon with the curved side facing west (towards the fields) in the center of the bow is the Grand Temple to Insanity. This building is made of obsidian and adamantine with silver embroidery around the barred windows and doors. The grass and trees that grow here all have a greyish hue to them, and flowers that have any kind of colour are almost unheard of. Living in the shadow of the most cursed areas in all of Maia has taken it’s toll on the people. Citizens of Ision are superstitious and callous. They do not take well to strangers, and will not hesitate to find any reason to start a fight with one. Ision is governed by the head cleric of Qamar, but he is rarely seen and crime is rampant in the streets. Any sort of guard is non-existent and the citizens have taken to hiring thugs to keep individual businesses and homes safe.

Ision Mountains – These mountains are fairly low and easy to climb, but it is generally considered foolish to try to traverse this seemingly peaceful mountain range because of the random blizzards and ice storms. Many, many travelers have lost their lives to the surprising freezing climate of this area.

Iron Maiden Mountains – These jagged and unforgiving mountains house the sinister Iron Maiden Dwarven Clan.

Fields of the Dead- Maia has a big problem with the dead, they don’t stay dead. It got so bad that burring the dead is now considered an act of hostility since they will get back up again, and it will be considered your fault. The Fields of the Dead is a large barren graveyard were the undead roam freely. Rumors of a Necropolis and a cursed tower of a Lich King are among the many terrifying stories told of the place.

Tituban Monastery – From what the PCs have gathered, this is an old ruined temple to a false god. The temple is centuries old and was sacked by the Holy Order of Her Grace, back when she first came into power.

Cyzarine – Months travel north from Ision is the largest city on the continent. Home to The Illustrious Church of the Sleeping Moons, a large nine story spiraling tower that is a church dedicated to every God on Maia. Cyzarine also boasts the largest outdoor market in Maia, and houses the fabled Palace of Grace. These claims to fame have made this city the center of Maia, and has been the envied jewel of every monarch’s eye. The city is under the protection of The Grace and her order of black armoured Knights (who some say don’t exist). It is easy to get lost in this grandiose city, but no matter where you are in it you can always see the Church of the Moons. Cyzarine is located south of Haven, east of the farmer’s lands, west of the Lost Woods, and north of Crying River.

Haven – This area really isn’t a town so much as a large Inn/tavern and a stable, it got its name by being known as a safe haven for adventures traveling north into the unknown plains.

Farmer’s Lands – The area between Cyzarine and Dragon Port that is home to all commercial farmers.

Lost Woods- Named for the Elven city “Lost Hope”, these cursed woods are forbidden to enter.

Crying River – Fed from the mysterious forests north of the farmer’s lands, this river flows slowly and on clear nights it makes the sound of a woman crying.

Dragon Port – This is large port town is named after “Ciara’s Dragon Fruit”, a magical healing fruit that ripens only once every twelve years. The fruit’s only location is on a small island that is said to be gaurded by a Silver Dragon, and only those with special permission from the dragon are able to pick the fruit. The city is about twice the size of any normal town in Maia, and has many many dragon themed buildings and decorations through out it.

Lost Hope- This Elven city’s offical name is still “Last Hope”, but near the end of the Race Wars it was nick named Lost Hope to reflect the mood of it’s citizens. No human has stepped foot into this city since then, even with the rumors of the untold plethora of knowledge it’s legendary library holds as bait. This city is rumored to be made completely out of Ivory and is dedicated entirely to the Goddess Sabrina, but little is known other than that.

The Searing Forest – The forest that surounds the Tituban Monestary is said to be stalked by a horrid metal beast that will burn trespassers from the inside out.

The Barrens – This hundred mile stretch of land is tainted by decay. This was the site of Kokuu’s ascension into god hood and still holds the putrid stain of death and pestilence that was her mark on this world. The Barrens attract necromancers like a moth to a flame, and have become over run with minor undead because of this. Once a year a Paladin force is sent from the followers of the light gods to eradicate the plague.


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