Player Characters

The Gang’s all here…

The following list will be all the PC’s who have entered into this campaign, and what’s happened to them if they are no longer in the party. The link in their names will take you to their character sheets (may not be updated).

Volt – A terrifyingly large man who is currently employeed by Mike’s character “Yasriina”. Volt may look the dumb brute, but it is best to assume he is as calculating and cunning as anyone else. With a skill in alchemy unrivaled he can produce amazing potions to manipulate his size and strength, with frightening affects. He takes his charge very seriously and seems to be all business when it comes to dealings with Yasriina and his other companions. Gruff and confident as well as overwhelmingly muscular it’s best not to get on his bad side.

Yasriina – A refugee from a War no one even knew happened, Yasriina has taken up the life of a prostitute very well. She has many other hobbies on the side, which is why some of her clients end up dead, but she has yet to be caught in anything illegal. The crystal elf does not let on about her heritage, and instead just makes a living on the assumption that she is a rare beauty (something her high end clients are eager pay for). She has a way about poision that might be considered an art in some darker circles, but has yet to use her skills to their full potential deadly as they are now.

Amiel’s character: This darkly beautiful man is some what of an enigma, seemingly completely unaware of the fact that his outward apperance would actually be considered very attractive he covers himself up and conducts himself like a man on the brink of insanity. Charming and witty at times he seems to completely change once the prospect of burning something down comes up. If he can do or say something that will rile someone he acts with glee to push the person as far as he can. He does have the muscle to back up his anticts, or rather the fire power, as he is very skilled in the art of pyromancy and eager to share that talent with others. Just not in a way they would find enjoyable.

Autumn’s character: A desert elf female in search of glory through weapon mastery. This warrior maiden is slightly out of her element only having recently left her homeland, but has started up a fine collection of weapons just the same. She is quick to anger, and even faster to fight eager to defend her honor from whatever slight she has encountered. She seems to be an easy mark at first with her foreign ways and dress, but she has the skill to put any attacker or swindler on their back should she find reason to.

Player Characters

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