New Races

The Races of Maia

I have little concern when it comes to what kind of races walk this planet, and I am generally open to any race you want to play…as long as it’s not something you’ve made up. There is one big change, and that is the Drow. There are no Drow. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. The closest thing to a Drow are the Crystal Elves, which will be explained below. Also I will list every major race, their traits on Maia, and how humans generally react to seeing them.


There are three Dwarven clans; the Bearded Dwarves (They are very much like the LOTR Dwarves and are the ones that have the most contact with other races, mostly dealing in blacksmithing and smuggling), the Iron Maiden Dwarves (These Dwarves are sadistic Dragon Age like creatures, marketing their love for torture by making devices that they sell to the other races.), and the last which are the Dead Dwarves (Again, much like the Dragon Age Dwarves…but these Dwarves have dug to deep into the Ision Mountains, and have been corrupted by the undead powers that be. They are almost always necromancers, and live in tiny covens of no more than ten or twelve members. They are secretive and reclusive, but every now and then are encountered). Except for the Dead Dwarves (which are given away by their coal coloured skin) humans generally treat the Dwarves like reliable business partners, and tend to be sociable at the very least.


If you asked anyone on the street what an Elf was they would reply, “A terrible monster with bat wings, glowing red eyes, and hooked talons that they use to carry children off in the night!” The only type of Elf that is not hated is the Desert Elf, but I will explain that later. there are so many different Elves in Maia…this part will be a little long.
High Elves: These are the LOTR Elves, with no deviation.
Wild Elves: Also called Wood Elves, these Elves live like Nomads protecting the great forests from invaders. Their colourings range in the earthen tones, and they are generally unconcerned with arcane magic or any form of technology.
Desert Elves: The only type of Elf still in contact willingly with humans, Desert Elves are seen as odd by the humans but not openly hated. These tan skinned, fair haired, and fair eyed folk live in the harsh Hellion Desert. Their society is divided into gender lines, with the females being the warriors and leaders, and the males being the servants and the home makers. Very Amazonian, except the males are treated fairly and are not hated…only separated and called upon when needed. Male leaders and warriors do exist, but are very rare.
Ashen: There is a fluke in the Elven genome that sometimes births an Ashen. The Ashen are pale with white hair and red eyes (though not albino), and have an natural ability to preform Necromancy. Exiled from their own homes, the Ashen gathered together to form their own group. They left for the mountains, but two groups broke apart from them. The Ice Elves and the Crystal Elves.
Ice Elves: A very, very rare type of Elf to encounter. Ice elves have a blue or greyish pallet, and are probably the most stuck up type of Elf. They believe that everyone is beneath them, and that all other races should serve them.
Crystal Elves: They are much like the Drow, both in colour and temperament. The only difference is that they have nothing relating to spiders in their culture. (This was an executive decision and will not be revoked) Much of their race has been wiped out due to the conflict between them and the Ashen.
Star Elves: They are the Aasimar, hailing from the children of the white moon. They too are extremely rare, but not unheard of.


While I will not make you use different racial traits for the Gnomes with the Pathfinder books, just know that all Gnomes on Maia are like the WOW Gnomes and are not descended from Fey. Gnomes are considered annoying and a bit of a menace, but not hated by humans.


The Orcs in Maia have much of the same look and personality of the WOW Orcs, but are mostly bandits. No one is generally happy to see an Orc, even if they are only half, but unless the Orc is openly hostile then humans can usually get along with them begrudgingly.


Halflings are the Hobbits, that is all. No Kender, no gypsy like halflings like in Pathfinder…sorry, just the way it is. Halflings are mostly unheard of anywhere away from their own homelands because of their desire to stay put, but any human that knows of them generally speaks fondly of the little folk.


Descendants of the children of the black moon Tieflings are generally unwelcome in most places, mainly because their horns, tails, and hooves making them look like monsters. In the major cities there isn’t much of a problem, but in the more rural areas it’s best to keep any tale tell sign covered up.

Kadorgreans and Whyvills:

Unless someone is actually playing these races the only thing the PC’s will know about them are that the Kadorgreans are legendary creatures of good and the Whyvills are legendary creatures of evil.

Anything Else:

Generally any rules or requirements for certain races will not be changed, unless they have something to do with the outer planes…remember there is no such thing as the outer planes in Maia (anything considered an outsider will have come from one of the three Moons). There is every type of culture in Maia, and if there are any questions regarding a certain race…well I’m sure we can work out something.

New Races

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